Skins with fair ancestry. These clients are Pale Anglo-Saxon or Scandinavians. Cool alabaster to pale beige skin. Hair may have been platinum or ash blonde in childhood and turned to a darker shade of ash brown as an adult. Ash = greenish-brown or grayish-brown undertone. Some of these clients see themselves as mousy in coloration. This person feels drab and is a prime candidate for altering their hair color. They may frost the hair or add more red or gold highlights sometimes fighting with their natural coloring. These people feel and look pale without cheek color. Around the eyes and lips the veins may show a reddish-violet or bluish-violet tinge of color.




There is a clear blue undertone to the skin. This client may be like Snow White with dark hair and pale skin. The hair may be dark brown or nearly black and is a sharp contrast to the whiteness of the skin. In most young translucents their cheeks have no pink cast. But because of the lack of melanin in the skin, it is not uncommon for these clients to develop small, dilated red veins on the cheeks as they mature. This client tends to gray early in life and commonly colors her hair from the time she is in her mid-twenties to early thirties.




Olive skins have a definite cool, green or bluish-green cast to the skin. These clients are true brunettes with very dark eyes and rich skin tones. Spanish, Italians and other coastal Mediterranean countries all share this coloring. Their skin is void of natural red tones. The Hispanic client may often be of paler skin color, but her skin undertones can be the same.




Here are the sallow skin tones. Pale yellow based or ivory skins without the greenish or olive tinge of the Mediterranean. But if there is a greenish tinge present, it is a yellowish-green with no blue cast. This client’s hair and eyes are dark and there is no red or coral undertone to the skin.



Golden Girls:

These clients are also known as peaches and cream or all American girls. Their skins range from the pale honey, or ivory of the peaches and cream person, to the richer bamboo tones of the All American girl. The fairer of these clients will have the peaches and cream complexions and blush quite easily. Their hair tends to be flaxen or golden blonde but may be a richer deeper golden brown or even strawberry blonde. They do not stay flushed as easily as those do with ruddy or rosy complexions. Their hair will pick up a yellow cast as they gray.



Native Americans:

These clients may be mistaken for Mediterranean’s but they generally have a warm skin undertone. The skin is actually in the peaches and cream category with an orangey, red cast. Some Hispanic’s will fall into this category, as their ancestry may in reality be a blend of Native American and Mediterranean. Warm bronze or copper, rich and deep will accent their dark black hair and eyes.




This client has a rosy, red or ruddy cast to the skin, ranging from a delicate shell pink to a much deeper tone. Their ears have a tendency to be pink with a brown or green eye color, or occasionally turquoise or aqua. Hair color ranges from golden blonde, strawberry blonde to reddish brown or rich copper shades. Frequently, this client will be freckled. More ruddiness and freckling become apparent as they age. Their hair will tend to be a yellowish gray as they mature.



African Ancestry:

Their skin tones most commonly fit into the following: Mediterranean, (olive); Translucent, (blue); American Indian, (bronze). Their skin tone may range from light to very deep.

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