Lash Enhancement:
A Lash Enhancement only covers your upper and/or lower lash line area. It is very natural looking because it darkens just the base of your lash line area. It does not extend above as the Eyeliner does. It gives a look of having thicker lashes.
Upper Eyeliner:
An Upper Eyeliner will cover the entire lash line area and above, on the upper lids. Eyeliners can be crisp or smudgy looking depending on your desire.
Lower Eyeliner:
A Lower Eyeliner covers the lower lash line and beyond if so desired.
Designer Eyeliner:
An additional liner in another color, multiple colors, or blended colors above the eyeliner. An eye shadow effect.
Mucosal Eyeliner:
Lining of the mucosal tissue of the eyelids (upper and/or lower) in the color of your choice.
Lip Liner:
A Lip Liner can be applied to look like a pencil liner or even your natural lip color. It does not have to look like you are wearing anything, but it will help with the symmetry and youthfulness of your natural lip border. Lip Liner can be applied in a natural color or in a darker color to more define your lips. Lip Liners can also be “blended” into the full lip color of your choice or your natural color.
Full Lip:
A Full Lip covers the border and all the way into the inner lip. It can be applied to look like lipstick, a tint or your natural color.
Note: All eyeliner and eyebrow procedures include 1 free touch up. Lip procedures include 2 free touchups.
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