Q: What is permanent make-up?
      A:   Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic tattoo. It is implanting pigment into the Dermal Layer of the skin.


Q: How painful is the application?
      A:   I use a Topical anesthetic for all procedures which eliminates most of the discomfort. Some clients experience discomfort due to varying pain tolerance and/or resistance to anesthetics. However it is also dependent on how careful your technician is. I am extremely gentle in my application and on a scale of 1 to 10, I try to strive for a 3 to 0 on the amount of pain.


Q: How long does it take?
      A:  The average Permanent Makeup Procedure takes about 2 hours depending on the procedure to be done. Touch ups are usually half that amount of time, usually 1 hour.


Q: How long does it last?
      A:  On average, the manual method will last anywhere from 1-7 years. The Rotary pen lasts longer. The coil machine is the most powerful and can last 3 times longer than the manual method. Which method used will depend on the condition of your skin. Avoid tanning and using glycolic acids on the procedure area (fruit acids, which are commonly found in some toners, cleansers and moisturizers. Read the labels). This will help the durability of your Permanent Makeup.


Q: What is the recovery time?
      A:  The swelling should disappear in about 3-5 days. You will be instructed to keep an occluding lubricant on your makeup for a week to two weeks depending on your procedure. You will be able to wear brand new makeup on your brows and eyeliner after 4 days and brand new makeup on your lips after 10 days. The time you will wait before receiving your Touchup will be, 4 weeks for brows and eyeliner, and 6 weeks for lips. Any makeup you have used previously will have bacteria in it so please, purchase new eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.


Q: Can I still wear regular make-up?
      A:  Absolutely! This will just enhance any other cosmetics you use!


Q: Can get cosmetic surgery if I have permanent make-up?
      A:  Absolutely! Properly placed Permanent Makeup will not be affected. If you are planning on getting any lip injections, it is wise to get your Permanent Makeup done first as it will cut back on the discomfort.


Q: Are permanent cosmetics safe?
      A:  My clients’ health and safety are the most important parts of any and every procedure. I use pre-sterilized, one-time-use needles. All of my non-disposable equipment is barrier wrapped and cold-solution sterilized before and after each client.


Q: What should I expect afterwards?
      A:  Dark makeup! DO NOT have your Permanent Makeup applied right before any major events. Wait 5 days for eyeliner and brows and 10 days for any lip procedures. The area will be tender and swollen for a few days. The color will oxidize immediately after the procedure and look “too dark”. This is good! It can mean less of a Touch-up. The area will peel leaving less intense color within days. You will book your follow up appointment 4-6 weeks out to perfect your makeup.


Q: How long are the procedures?
      A:  It takes about 2 hrs for both Full Permanent Eyeliner and Brows; 3 hrs for Full Lips. Everything else takes less than an hour and a half. Thirty minutes to an hour of the procedure time we will review your medical history and thoroughly discuss your Permanent Makeup needs.


Q: How do I wisely choose a permanent make-up artist?
      A:  Ask about their training. Many places offer only 2 day classes. Make sure they have had advanced training in all procedures. Make sure the technician’s photos are their own. If their pictures are sloppy their work may be sloppy also. Ask them how they sanitize their work space and how frequently they do. Look at the Artists’ work. This will be displayed in the Before and After page.


Q: What should I do to prepare?
      A:  Please refer to the Pre-Care Page.


Q: What about changing styles?
      A:  Thicker, fuller looking lashes, beautifully arched brows, evenly shaped, natural-looking, luscious lips never go out of style. I help my clients figure out the most flattering, natural look for them. Maybe 10% of my clientele ask for something that is seasonal, like bright blue eyeliner or ruby red lips, but even these colors can be transformed into more natural colors later on.


Q: Should I worry about allergies?
      A:  Yes and no. Please remember that you can be allergic to anything at anytime, even if you have had no problem in the past. You can always have an allergy scratch test done by request if you are concerned. .

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